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Are you sick and tired of feeling so sick and tired? I get it!!

In 2023, I spent most of the year so sick I couldn’t attend barre class – one of my favorite things to do!

I saw eight doctors. I was radiated 10 times, only to go to a holistic practitioner who ran more comprehensive tests and learned I had mold toxicity!

I know TOO MANY women just like me:

Struggling to lose weight

Struggling with insomnia or broken sleep

Struggling with poor energy

Struggling with bloating and perpetual puffiness

Tired of eating salad and working their tails off – but still not getting results.

Test – Don’t Guess!!!

Rather than continuing program after program that doesn’t work – let’s test what’s really going on in your body and how to fix it!

Let’s meet

Why Amy

I’ve had a passion for health and wellness most of my adult life. In 2005, I completed my first fitness certification and became a certified comprehensive pilates instructor. In 2010, I left my six figure finance career to open two San Diego fitness studios.

Since then, I have continued to consult with women building health and fitness businesses. But in the meantime, my own health was suffering.

After $1,000 in testing and $1,000 in a single consultation fee – I found out that I had mold toxicity. No one from my health network would have found this, and I would have continued getting more and more sick.

I knew then, I was going back to school and was going to train as a Functional Health Practitioner. This allows me to work directly and DEEPLY with my clients to help them get to the ROOT CAUSE of why they aren’t feeling their best – and to deal with that root cause, versus just playing whack a mole with all the symptoms as they pop up.

Starter Kit and 4 Consultation Wellness Package:

  • Testing – Includes Organic Acids Test, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis,
  • 2 60-minute consultations, and 2 30-minute follow-up consultations.
  • $597 month 1 for tests, $299/mo for months 2 and 3
  • All New Clients:
    • 4-Month Program
    • Week 1: 60-minute Intake & Initial Recommendations
    • Week 6: 60-minute Appointment with Personal Recommendations
    • Week 12: 30-minute Follow Up and Program Adjustments
    • Week 18: 30-minute Follow Up and Program Adjustments

All-Inclusive Health Coaching Package:

  • Highest level of health coaching.
  • Big 5 Labs + 4 consultations (lab consultation = 75 minutes).
  • Total cost: $1497 + 2 payments of $299.

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