Welcome to Women’s Health 365

Welcome to Women’s Health 365. I’m your host – Amy Mewborn. Ha ha. Ok – so now that we’ve gotten that new announcement out of the way let me tell you more!

I’ve been keeping a secret – and it’s a BIG ONE.

I’m doing a COMPLETE rebrand and a partial pivot in my business – starting NOW! For those of you that know me, I’ve had quite a business background. I’m going to give you the abbreviated version….


I spent 15 years in finance. I worked for a small financial firm in La Jolla, CA and worked with some of the coolest clients in the world, who were family business owners and C Suite executives! I was literally able to sit at the dining room table with them and advise them on finances, taxes, estate planning – and so much more. And in the process, I also was able to learn from them what they had done to build these amazing businesses.


Yet at the same time, I always felt just a bit unsettled. My DREAM had been to build a Canyon Ranch type environment before I even knew Canyon Ranch existed. As I chatted with Mike about this back in our early days together, even my eternally optimistic husband said, “That’s a big business with a lot of moving parts. Is that really what you want to do?” He knew my goal in life was freedom – and he knew long before I that this vision really wasn’t in alignment with what I really wanted in my long term life.

So I started with a Pilates Certification! Then I decided in 2009 to leave finance and open my first fitness studio. I opened my first studio in May 2010 and my second in January 2011 in San Diego, CA. I then went on to write the franchise manuals for one of the top fitness brands.

Then around 2015, I built my signature program, Studio in a Box. Studio in a Box has been my GREAT LOVE! There has been NOTHING more inspiring for me than to help other women build the business of THEIR DREAMS – and to allow them to inspire others through health and wellness.

When Studio in a Box was first launched, we primarily helped women launch barre studios. Over the past 9 years, Studio in a Box has evolved to work with studios that offer barre, yoga, pilates, TRX, HIIT, Functional Fitness, Cycling, Nutrition, Massage, Sauna, Cryotherapy, IV Therapy, and so much more. It has truly helped launch ENTIRE WELLNESS BRANDS!!!!

In the process, I started really diving deeper into Digital Marketing, Operational Systems, and all things business acceleration. I launched a brand called Women Success Society that focused on all things business growth and acceleration. There are elements that I love – but the thing that I have learned I don’t love is having to be on top of ALL elements digital marketing. It’s EXHAUSTING! And I’ve always struggled with how to build both elements of my business and keep them separate and clear – because we all know a confused mind doesn’t buy.

After a year of poor health (more on this in a later post) I took a BIG step back. I stopped marketing anything. I stepped off social media. And I just started CONSUMING tons of content – trying to heal MYSELF! And in the process, I found that I LOVE working with women who are impacting the world through some form of health, spirituality, and wellness! And it was what I was missing so much in MY life!

I started wondering if I wanted to continue building what I had for the next 25 years – and the answer was no. So I decided to really re-imagine the next iteration of my business.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling more. But I wanted to take a moment to tell you that the focus of this group will be changing.

We will be focusing on all things women’s health and wellness.

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Relational Health

I’ll still be offering our Elevate Mastermind. We’re just going to focus on women who are in the health and wellness space.

I’ll be doing a large upgrade to Studio in a Box – complete with new offers for studio owners to build beyond their studios!

I’ll be redesigning and repackaging all our business trainings from The Success Society to really focus on that woman building a health and wellness business.

This facebook group will continue to offer business information – AND it is really going to step back into a version of business BALANCE, business owners’ health and wellness, and helping women build wellness businesses. If it’s health, wellness, and happiness related – we’ll be talking about it!

More to come – but I wanted you to all be the first to know!!

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