How to Age into our “Best Selves”

As much as we hate to admit it, we’re aging every single day that goes by.  We can’t stop the hands of time – but we CAN affect just HOW we age.  

As I hit age 47 this year – all kinds of things started to “go wrong.”  My hormones have been off. I’ve had severe reactions to mold.  I’m definitely in Perimenopause with what feels like an endless period.  So, I have been seeking TONS of help from my functional medicine practitioners in my life – trying to get to the “root cause”.

Functional Medicine: 

A Brief Introduction 

Functional medicine presents a paradigm shift from traditional healthcare. Instead of merely treating symptoms, it seeks to understand the root causes. By viewing the body as an interconnected web, it prioritizes balance, holistic wellness, and preventive care.

Dietary Choices: 

The Building Blocks 

Our dietary habits lay the foundation for how we age. As metabolism undergoes changes, it’s essential to prioritize an anti-inflammatory diet. Foods rich in antioxidants, like berries, nuts, and green vegetables, counteract oxidative stress, which accelerates aging. Balancing protein intake with fiber-rich foods ensures optimal muscle and gut health.


The Elixir of Life 

Water plays a pivotal role in maintaining cellular function. As we grow older, our body’s efficiency in signaling thirst diminishes. Prioritize hydration to support digestion, skin health, and detoxification.

The Gut: 

A Central Player Dubbed the ‘second brain,’ the gut influences various aspects of health, from immunity to mood. A balanced gut microbiome, achieved through probiotics, fermented foods, and fiber, ensures optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.


The Fountain of Youth 

Physical activity extends beyond weight management. It upholds muscle mass, cardiovascular health, and cognitive function. As we age, integrating both aerobic exercises and strength training becomes paramount.

Mental Well-being: 

Beyond Physical Health 

Aging impacts not just the body but the mind. Embracing practices like meditation, mindfulness, and cognitive exercises ensures mental sharpness. Building social connections, pursuing hobbies, and continuous learning further bolster mental health.

Hormonal Harmony 

Hormonal imbalances can present challenges as we age. Through tailored interventions, functional medicine can restore balance, whether it’s through dietary changes, natural supplements, or other therapies.


Cleaning the Inner Environment 

Our modern environment exposes us to various toxins. Supporting the body’s detox pathways, primarily the liver and kidneys, becomes crucial. Consuming detoxifying foods, staying hydrated, and reducing exposure to pollutants can assist in this endeavor.

Skin Health: 

Reflecting Inner Wellness 

The skin offers insights into our inner health. Hydration, nutrition, and protection from excessive sun exposure ensure skin health. Natural supplements like collagen and practices like dry brushing can further enhance skin vitality.

Rest and Recovery: 

The Power of Sleep 

Quality sleep stands as a non-negotiable aspect of aging well. It’s the body’s repair and recovery phase. Ensuring a conducive sleep environment, sticking to a routine, and addressing sleep disturbances can guarantee restful sleep.

Aging is not a passive process; it’s an active journey. By adopting the principles of functional medicine, we can ensure this journey is filled with vitality, health, and joy.  Listen to your body.  Embrace it’s wisdom.  It’s often telling you what it needs!  Make informed choices, and watch the years unfold beautifully.

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